• Surfing Courses

    Looking for outdoor activities to do during your holidays...

Surfing Courses

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Looking for outdoor activities to do during your holidays ?
Are you on a quest for thrilling and fresh sensations ?


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Enjoy your vacations at WAVE VILLAGE and its 19 themed bungalows, near WAVE ISLAND !

Wave money

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The WAVE MONEY bracelet simplifies your purchases at all points of sale within the park without having to return to your locker.

Getting to the park

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800 allée de Beaulieu - 84170 Monteux - France
Phone : 04 88 84 72 17


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    Find out about our new 2020 attractions !

    Your amusement park is open from april to december !

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    Enjoy your picnic inside the park in 2020 !

    No need to get out of the park to enjoy your meal !

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    Happy Holiday Season !

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020 !

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