MY SURF Courses

    Are you on a quest for thrilling and fresh sensations ?

    Find out about WAVE ISLAND’s MY SURF courses ! Our instructors are wainting to share their passion with you and teach you good techniques.

    MY SURF Courses Presentation

    Accessible from 7 years old, the only requirement is for children to know how to swim, our courses allow you to learn and perfect your sskills on a wave with the help of our instructors, in a safe et secured space. MY SURF City Wave, our artifical wave, an exact replica of the wave pool for Tokyo 2021, is adaptable and perfect for all levels.

    Beginners will learn how to ride with the help of MY SURF’s transversal bar which gives you reassurance. Riders will have the opportunity to perfect their techniques on an artificial wave before trying on real ocean waves.

    Detailled offer of our MY SURF courses

    3-days or 5-days formats, with a 90 minutes session per day (a minimum of 60 minutes in the water).

    Dates and time slots have to be booked beforehand, by calling our  instructors.

    Trainees will have to arrive 10 minutes before the start of their session.

    Gathered in small groups of 6 people maximum, you will be able to spend time and develope your skills on our artificial wave, with our instrictors advices.

    Surfboards and wetsuits will be provided by WAVE ISLAND but you can also bring your own material.


    3-days courses : €72 (€24 for one session)

    5-days courses : €110 (€22 for one session)

    Careful : Space is limited.

    Ongoing Activities and catering areas

    Dining areas will be available on site.

    In summer, enjoy all the 23 water attractions and activities of our waterpark. From April 24th and onwards, our new ongoing activities : Touch’n’Play, Rafting Descent, Racing Challenge, Acro’Zone and our new pumptrack will also be enjoyable during your courses.

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