Find out about our new 2020 attractions !

In 2020, your amusement park is open from April to December.

In 2020, WAVE ISLAND welcomes you from April 1st to December 31rd with all its new permanent attractions and MY SURF City Wave, an exact replica of the training wave pool for the 2020 Olympic Games surfing events in Tokyo.

Every wednesdays and Saturdays, from 2PM to 7PM, enjoy all our new fun and interactive activities with you family. Water attractions fans, the real opening of our water park is planned on May 30th.

MY SURF ®City Wave, an indoor and heated artificial wave.

You experienced it in 2019 : MY SURF ®City Wave returns in 2020 with a new indoor configuration. Indeed, our surf simulator has now heated water and you will be able to book your sessions from April onwards.

GOOD DEAL SPRING HOLIDAYS : 100% Surfing courses will be proposed and accessible for children above 7 years old.

A VR games area to make you experience new kind of crazy sensations.

Rafting Descent is a VR simulator which will make you go through a hectic ride in the waters of WAVE ISLAND. We advise you to hold on tight and brace yourselves. With Rafting Descent, experience a crazy descent and feel the real sensations of rafting !

Touch’n’Play is an interactive wall allowing families and friends to play and experience new adventures together. Gathering up until 12 people, this interactive game will be perfect to spend fun moments together. Touch’n’Play is accessible for children above 6 years old and offers more than 8 different universes which help you develop your communication, team spirit and reflexes.

Racing and rallies fans can challenge themselves on Racing Challenge, our VR racing simulator. In you 4D vehicule seat, choose your favorite racing car and try to win the race against your opponnent !

The Acro’ Zone : our new kid-friendly area in the park.

WAVE ISLAND offers a fun activity dedicated to children above 4 years old. Surrounded by security nets, young toddlers can experience the Acro’ Zone, an aerial and acrobatic journey full of challenges and surprises. Parents are allowed to encourage and accompany their children in this amusing adventure.

A pumptrack :  our new thrilling and fun attraction.

Thrilling sensations seekers, our new pumptrack is designed just for you. This new attraction is accessible to anyone : adults, children, beginners or real professionals, you can all enjoy the hills and curves of our pumptrack. WAVE ISLAND provides you with the necessary equipment but you can also bring your own bikes, skates or scooters.






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