• Free access from 10am to 4pm


  • Paid session after 4pm (by reservation only)

  • Pass’ Rapid

  • Children above 7-years-old

My Surf®CityWave

MY SURF®CityWave is the WAVE ISLAND new artificial wave pool, an exact replica of the training wave pool for the 2020 Olympic Games surfing events in Tokyo.

Just starting out? MY SURF®CityWave offers a safe environment for learning how to surf. Thanks to its 1.20 metre depth and the transversal bar which allows surfers support, you can start learning to surf in total safety.

Already know your way around the waves? MY SURF®CityWave lets you train and perfect your style in conditions that recreate the swells of actual waves under a real surfboard.

Under the open air in the summer and covered in the winter, MY SURF®CityWave is accessible throughout the year in WAVE CORNER, the surfing centre in Provence.

More details: here


Action cameras such as GoPro with strap (wrist, head, chest)
Swim goggles


Accessories such as scarves, caps, jewellery
Sun/prescription glasses

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