Swimwear is the appropriate attire at the park. The wearing of undergarments underneath a bathing suit is prohibited for obvious health reasons.

When bathing, it is prohibited to wear street clothing; however, Lycra, short-sleeved T-shirts are permitted. Shoes must be left in your bags or lockers; you may, however walk around the park barefoot or in flip-flops (these must be left outside each attraction).

Full-body suits are strictly prohibited.

Wearing a veil is prohibited in our park.

Any safety equipment for children when swimming is authorised (water wings, swim vests or tubes for babies).

Different sized vests are available at the Rivière Tropicale and Baie des Vagues but you can also bring your own equipment if you prefer.



All deodorants and aerosol sunscreen sprays with the inflammable logo are forbidden within the park grounds.



Picnics and snacks are not permitted within the park. You may, however, leave your coolers at the lockers designed for this purpose (flat rate of €4 per cooler).

Exceptions: bottles of water, baby food and, on presentation of written proof, snacks for people requiring a special diet (ex.: food intolerance).

Silverware, sharp objects, bottles or containers in glass are strictly prohibited within the park grounds.



You will find specific clear guidelines for each attraction at its entrance. These are subject to age, height and physical conditions of each person.

Our WAVE TEAM is responsible for ensuring your safety at the park and for overseeing the pools.

Our WAVE MEMBERS are easily identified and are at your disposal for any question or problem. Don’t hesitate to speak to them.



Neither sun nor reading glasses are permitted on the attractions for safety reasons. They are however authorised on the Rivière Tropicale.

Swim goggles are permitted on the attractions with the exception of La Cascade de Manéa and DA WAVE.

For children who do not know how to swim, a life vest is mandatory in the pools as well as on the Rivière Tropicale. Different sizes of vests are available close to each pool. You may also bring your own swimming equipment for your children’s safety (water wings, vests or tubes for babies).



An emergency centre is available close to Kids Island.

Our first responders are always available to help you. Don’t hesitate to ask them in case of need.


For further information, please see our RULES AND REGULATIONS page.

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