General Terms and Conditions of Sale

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all prestation offered for sale by LES PARCS DU SUD. 

Article 1. Application of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all tickets and services offered for sale to clients online on LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites :, and via our Get a Ticket interface. LES PARCS DU SUD reserves the right to adapt or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. In this case, the latest General Terms and Conditions of Sale will be the one applied on the Client’s booking.
  • The services and tickets proposed online on and are for the final consumers of WAVE ISLAND and WAVE CORNER.

Article 2. Specific Contractual Relations

2.1 All information available on our websites and any communication material provided by LES PARCS DU SUD may be modified at any time. Clients will be notified of these modifications before the final step of their orders.

2.2 LES PARCS DU SUD is the only pertinent interlocutor for the Client and shall be accountable to him as regards of the execution of all of the obligations arising from the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. LES PARCS DU SUD shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from cases of force majeure or any doing by a third party. In these cases, if one or more of LES PARCS DES SUD’s services could not be made, no reimbursement or compensation could be demanded.
2.3 The Client acknowledges his capacity to contract on the following specific conditions: be at least eighteen (18) years of age, with power under law to contract, and not be under tutelage or legal guardianship. If one of the conditions is not fulfilled, LES PARCS DU SUD reserves the right to cancel the order.
2.4 Any order implies compliance to LES PARCS DU SUD’s Rules and Regulations, duly displayed at the Park’s entrance and available on
2.5 Pursuant to Article L. 121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code, the tourist services offered by LES PARCS DU SUD are not subject to the right of withdrawal set out in Articles L. 121-20 and following of the same Code, regarding distance selling.

Article 3. Rates and Regulations

3.1 Tickets are sold at the price displayed on the websites,, and the day of recording of the order by LES PARCS DU SUD. Prices are expressed in euros including all taxes (with the right VAT applicable).

Rates are firm and not subject to alteration during their validity period, as stated on the LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites and Outside of this validity period, LES PARCS DU SUD reserves the right to modify the prices at any time. Rates do not include expenses related to order processing, dispatch, transport and delivery that will be invoiced as an extra, under the conditions available on the Seller’s websites and calculated before the time of the order.
The Client is required to pay the total purchase amount, including theses expenses.
Tickets are delivered by email, at the email address given by the Client.
3.2 As soon as the tickets order is confirmed and paid, LES PARCS DU SUD cannot apply any retroactive discount nor special offers.
3.3 All payments must be paid in euros, with a valid and authorized debit card, on the day of the Client’s order. A full and immediate payment is required for all the orders done on the LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites. Others means of payment will not be accepted. LES PARCS DU SUD are not responsible for any extra taxes following debit card’s transactions, including exchange rate changes and others extra charges.
3.4 The date of the order’s validation is the date when the order is made and its payment by debit card is confirmed (Law of 13 of March 2009 on the electronic signature).
3.5 Any order form signed by the Client by a click is a definitive acceptance which cannot be called into question. The “click” associated with the authentication, non-repudiation and protection of the integrity of messages is considered an electronic signature. This electronic signature has the same value as a handmade signature.
3.6 Payment by debit card is made on secure servers of our bank partner CAISSE D’EPARGNE. This implies that no banking information concerning the Client is transmitted via LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites and the Get a Ticket’s interface. The debit card payment is so perfectly secured; the Client’s order will be recorded and validated from the acceptance of the payment by the bank chosen.
3.7 The Client’s entire checkout process and account pages are encrypted using SERVICE SP PLUS protocol so his transactions remain confidential. Payment is made directly through the bank. That is why debit card’s information has to be filled in for each transaction on the LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites.
3.8 LES PARCS DU SUD reserves the right to refuse to honour an order in the event of the Client not having totally or partially settled a preceding order, or one on which there is a settlement dispute pending.

Article 4. Validity of E-Tickets Orders

4.1 E-Tickets booked on LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites have a validity period written on them. They are valid during the ongoing season and/or the dates written on the tickets when the order was made.
4.2 For children E-Tickets, children may be subject to a control of their age, at the Park’s entrance or at the cash desk of LES PARCS DU SUD. Without adequate supporting evidence on the day of the Client’s visit, LES PARCS DU SUD have the right to ask the Client to pay for an extra amount of money.
4.3 LES PARCS DU SUD shall, in no circumstances, incur liability in case of loss or theft of the Client’s tickets. No duplicate will be given by LES PARCS DU SUD.

Article 5. Presentation of E-tickets

5.1 The receipt named « Billet +1.20m » or « Billet -1.20m » or any other downloaded document from the LES PARCS DU SUD’s « Ticketing system » must be displayed at the Park’s entrance. This document can be printed on a blank paper, or displayed on any digital devices, so the ID number and barcodes can be scanned easily.
5.2 Printed document must be printed with an ordinary printer and an internet access. The Client must ensure that printed tickets are of good quality. For that, the Client has to verify the readability of the document and of its barcode. LES PARCS DU SUD cannot be held liable for anomalies regarding the processing and the printing of tickets printed by the Client.
5.3 E-billet tickets shown on digital devices: The ticket can be displayed at the Park’s entrance with the Client’s digital device (mobile phone or tablet). The Client must download the document and ensure the effective functioning of the device. The Client must facilitate the process by showing a readable barcode. No interventions shall be made by the employees of LES PARCS DU SUD. Partially downloaded, obsolete or unreadable documents will not be accepted and cannot be seen as valid tickets. LES PARCS DU SUD cannot be held accountable for anomalies regarding the processing and downloading of the e-ticket.
5.4 Each printed or downloaded ticket contains a barcode, or and ID number, controlled and scanned at the Park’s entrance with barcode readers, enabling admission to LES PARCS DU SUD. Each ticket can be used one time only. Access to the Park will not be possible with previously used tickets.
5.5 Only the first person using the ticket can access the Park and will be considered as the rightful Buyer. E-tickets orders are personal and non-transferrable. They can neither be modifiable, exchangeable nor refundable.

Article 6. Personal Data

6.1 According to the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978, the Client has, at any time, a right of access, rectification and opposition of all of his personal data. The Client may exercise this right by writing, giving his name, last name and address, at the following address: LES PARCS DU SUD – Service Marketing – 663 impasse de la Traverse du Ventoux – 84170 MONTEUX.
6.2 Personal data collected by LES PARCS DU SUD during the process of checking out is only used on LES PARCS DU SUD’s ticketing system website. Addresses are not subject to any marketing use nor diffusion to third parties.

Article 7. Computing and Freedom

7.1 The processing of all the information given through LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites, and is declared to the CNIL (French data protection authority).
7.2 In accordance with effective European and national legislations, the Client has a right of access, rectification and opposition of all of his personal data. This right may be exercised under the conditions and terms provided by LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites, and

Article 8. Intellectual Property

8.1 Content on the websites, and is the ownership of LES PARCS DU SUD and its partners. It is protected by French and International Law in relation to Intellectual Property. Any full or partial reproduction of its contents is prohibited and constitute an offense of infringement of copyright.
8.2 Furthermore, LES PARCS DU SUD remains the sole owner of all intellectual property rights on the studies, designs, drawings, models, prototypes, etc. made (even on the Client’s request) so as to provide services to the Client. Therefore, the Client abstains from any reproduction or exploitation of aforesaid studies, designs, drawings, models prototypes, etc. without prior formal written agreement from the LES PARCS DU SUD who can make it conditional on financial compensation.

Article 9. Applicable Law – Contract Language

9.1 The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the contractual relationships between LES PARCS DU SUD and the Client are governed by French law.
9.2 The present terms of sale are written in French and English. Only the French text would prevail in the event of a dispute.

Article 10. Disputes

10.1 All disputes that may arise from buying and selling operations regarding their validity, interpretation, execution, termination, their consequences and repercussions shall be submitted to the competent courts under the conditions of common laws.
10.2 The Client can, in any case, resort to a conventional mediation, especially from the Mediation and Consumption Commission (Article L. 534-7) or from any other effective instances or from other methods of dispute resolutions.

Article 11. Pre-contractual Information – Client Agreement

Before placing the order, the client has been made aware of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale, in a legible and understandable form, and also of any other information referred from articles L111-1 to L111-7, and especially:
– The essential characteristics of the Product, considering the medium of communication used;
– Prices for the Product and the extra expenses (Delivery);
– In the absence of the performance of the contract, the date or the deadline to which the Seller makes a commitment to deliver the product;
– The information concerning the identity of LES PARCS DU SUD, their postal, mobile and electronic details and their activities, if not already apparent from the context.
– The information regarding legal and contractual guarantees and their implementation methods;
– Functionalities of digital content and, if need be, its interoperability;
– The opportunity to resort to a conventional mediation in case of a legal dispute;
– The information regarding the right of withdrawal (existence, conditions, deadline, methods of exercising the right and standard withdrawal form), the cost of returning Products, the methods of resignation and the others important contractual conditions.
– For any person, natural person or legal person, the act of placing an internet order  on LES PARCS DU SUD’s websites and implies full acceptance and adherence to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. This is expressly understood by the Client, who agrees, in particular, not to recognize any contradictory document, which would be void by the vendor.

Article 12. General Provisions

12.1 These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to French law and falls to the relevant Avignon Courts.

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