Welcome to WAVE ISLAND Park. For your safety and to ensure you a pleasant visit to the Park, we ask that you comply with the following rules and regulations:



1.1. Access control

For security reasons, Les Parcs du Sud reserves the right to inspect, visually or with specific equipment, your clothing and personal effects at the park’s entrance and within its grounds. These inspections may be outsourced to a security firm if necessary. In the event that a visitor refuses inspection, Les Parcs du Sud reserves the right to refuse the visitor access to the Park.

For safety reasons, Les Parcs du Sud reserves the right to request the deposit of your National ID card or Passport at the Park’s Entrance. The papers will be restored at the end of the day, except if misbehaviour has been shown during your stay in the Park.

Please note that the following items are prohibited on the Park grounds:
– Illegal and/or hazardous substances, alcoholic beverages, glass bottles, dangerous objects (in particular, any offensive or defensive weapons regardless of category) as well as any type of object or toy resembling a weapon, that could jeopardize the safety of visitors.
– Any object likely to disturb visitors (vuvuzela, megaphones, horns, whistles, etc.).
– Recreational objects such as drones or any other remote or radio-controlled toy.
– Any object that Les Parcs du Sud may consider to be inappropriate or disruptive.


1.2. Large Objects

Large or bulky objects – in particular luggage, suitcases larger than 55cm x 40cm x 25cm (including pouches, wheels and handles) as well as any size cooler – are not allowed beyond the Park’s foot baths.

Groups who have reserved in advance may leave these objects in the hut(s) they have been allocated. We recommend that visitors bring none of these objects or that they use the lockers designated for this purpose located at the Park entrance. Apart from these lockers, employees working at the Park are not authorised to hold your articles. Pushchairs are authorised outside of the attractions.


1.3. Transport Devices

Unless a medical certificate is presented, it is prohibited to enter the Park with, and/or to use, roller skates, bicycles, scooters or any other type of transport device, motorised or not, without explicit written authorisation from management.


1.4. Attire

Proper attire is required in all circumstances. We also reserve the right, at our discretion and at all times, to refuse entrance or to accompany outside the Park grounds any person wearing attire, tattoo(s) or having behaviour that may offend or upset children or family audiences, or which Les Parcs du Sud may consider to be inappropriate and/or which may foster interactions with or disturb other visitors by impersonating characters in costume.

For safety reasons, any attire that totally covers the face is prohibited. For any special private events, specific rules and regulations may apply. Please take note of any information on the dedicated resources concerning these events.

After foot baths, t-shirts and shorts are the only allowed clothes in the Park.

Wearing a veil is allowed only as a turban. Any attire of a religious nature is prohibited within the Park premises.

Bathing suits and trunks (without underwear) are the only permitted attire for water activities. Lycra t-shirts (up to the elbow) and UV protection clothes (not under the knees) are allowed.

Street attire, such as cotton underwear, and full-body suits like burkinis, is prohibited. “String” bathing suits and “topless” suits are prohibited.

Shoes are not allowed after foot baths but you can walk inside the Park with flip flops (they have to be left at the foot of all the attractions). Water shoes are allowed everywhere inside the Park, including in the attractions .

Safety equipment for your children is mandatory after foot baths (Armbands and safety jackets). Multiple safety jackets are available inside the Park near La Rivière Tropicale and la Baie des Vagues. You can also bring your own safety material.


1.5. Minors

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult in order to purchase admission and enter the Park. They must be under adult supervision at all times.

Les Parcs du Sud reserves the discretionary right to prohibit access to attractions by children under the age of 7 who are not accompanied by an adult. Consequently, unaccompanied children must comply with verification of their height and age upon entering attractions. Regardless of age, minors are the responsibility of their parents or guardians, who are accountable for any damages they may cause.

Unaccompanied minors between the ages of 13 and 17 may enter the Park on their own upon providing a discharge form signed by their guardian (parents, etc.) and a piece of identification (minor and guardian). Their guardians must physically come to the Park Entrance to sign this discharge form.

This discharge is available at the sales points or may be downloaded here.


1.6. Animals

Support animals for people with disabilities are the only animals allowed within the Park. They must be on a leash and remain in their owner’s custody at all times. Animals are not allowed on attractions.

We ask that you not feed the birds or, generally speaking, any animal that you may encounter. We also ask that you throw all trash in the designated bins.


1.7. Validity of Admission Tickets

You agree to verify and comply with the conditions governing the validity of the admission ticket to the Park.
Any bracelet cut or given to another person shall no longer be valid at the Park, the holder is therefore not entitled to any services.

Les Parcs du Sud warns you against the resale of entry tickets which is prohibited. Only tickets bought on our ticketing website our official resellers guarantee an access to the Park. In case of evidence of fraud, no refund will be granted.

In case of evidence of fraud, Les Parcs du Sud reserves the right to take legal actions against the offender and to prohibit the access to the Park.

Entry Tickets are valid only during one operating season. No refund will be granted and no exchange will be possible for non-valid tickets.


1.8. Season Pass Edition

For the edition of you season pass, these are the required and necessary documents: a national ID card and a proof of residence dated within the past three months (if minor: a proof of residence dated of your guardian + housing certificate).


1.9. Exit and Re-entry

Should you want to leave and subsequently re-enter the Park on the same day, check with a security employee before leaving that you have all the elements necessary for re-admission (tickets, stamp, bracelet, etc.).

 If you have a Season Pass, you may leave and re-enter the Park as you want.



2.1. Public Conduct

Theft, public disturbance, verbal and physical violence (particularly with a view to obtaining someone else’s tube), fighting, insulting language, fraud, scams, drunken or immoral behaviour, maliciousness, non-compliance with queuing, intrusion in areas reserved for the personnel, non-compliance with security instructions or the Park’s rules and regulations, racism, etc. may compel Les Parcs du Sud to intervene and take appropriate measures, including informing the police, filling a complaint or escorting the visitor outside the Park or disactivate his season Pass, with no compensation, reimbursement or any other form of redress. Should it be necessary to escort a visitor outside the Park, Les Parcs du Sud reserve the right to remove from the Park all or any members of the visitor’s group, companions and/or members.

Any misconduct and lack of respect towards our employees, insults or physic or verbal abuse will immediately lead to the exclusion of the offender, without any reimbursement, and legal actions will be taken by Les Parcs du Sud.

Each employee of Les Parcs du Sud is authorised to remind visitors of the rules and regulations and to ensure they are respected. If necessary, they may report the visitor to security, which will then intervene and take the appropriate measures. For safety reasons, reckless horseplay or running is prohibited. We ask that you respect the cleanliness of the premises and installations for your own pleasure and comfort.

A picnic area is now at your disposal inside the Park, on DA WAVE’s terrace. Ice coolers can be deposited in a conditioned space for €5/day. Ice coolers and any other personal food won’t be accepted after the foot baths.

For everyone comfort, we ask you to respect this picnic area. Picnic is prohibited outside of this dedicated space.

Only foods for children under 4 years old as well as for people with allergies, who are able to substantiate their condition with a medical certificate, are permitted beyond the foot baths. Plastic bottles of water are permitted.

For the security and comfort of all, drinking, eating, taking pictures with flash or filming with flash in the attractions and in the queue is prohibited.


2.2. Evacuating the Park

Management reserves the right to limit or refuse access to the Park should the visitor rate be too high or to evacuate the Park for security reasons or in the event of “force majeure”. More particularly, at the first sound of thunder in case of storm, Les Parcs du Sud will close, temporarily all the attractions for safety reasons. This temporary closure may lead to a real closure depending on the situation.

Evacuation for security reasons may be conducted with no prior notice and shall not entitle any visitor to financial or other compensation.


2.3. Theft and Damage to Visitors’ Belongings

Les Parcs du Sud shall not be liable for any theft, loss or damage to your personal articles while on the Park premises. We recommend you request information on the terms of use regarding the lockers at your disposal at the Park entrance and that you use these for your belongings. Please ensure that you leave no valuables in your pushchairs. 500 lockers with codes are at your disposal inside the Park to put your most valuable items during your visit.


2.4. Smoking is Forbidden

The open and covered areas of the Park are non-smoking; outdoor smoking areas have been specially designated for our smoking guests. This rule applies as well to electronic cigarettes. Smoking is PROHIBITED outside of these zones.


2.5. Video Surveillance

The site is equipped with a video surveillance system operated by Les Parcs du Sud. This video surveillance is designed to ensure the security of people and property. Les Parcs du Sud is responsible for managing the system in accordance with the laws and regulations in effect. Articles L 251-1 and following of the French Code of National Security. Information and access to images may be requested from the security officer:


2.6. Abandoned Objects

Les Parcs du Sud reserves the right to manage abandoned objects in an appropriate manner in collaboration with the competent authorities.


2.7. Fraud or Suspected Fraud

Les Parcs du Sud reserves the right to deactivate a Season Pass in case of evidence of fraud. Seasons Pass are for one person only and nominative. If someone else uses a Season Pass, without a loss or theft report, written beforehand by the holder of the Season Pass identified by Les Parcs du Sud, this Season Pass will be immediately deactivated, without any reimbursement or compensation.



3.1. Visitor Responsibility

For reasons of security, the accessibility and participation in certain attractions requires good physical condition and health, normal blood pressure, no issues with the heart, back, neck or motion sickness, or any other health condition or disability liable to be worsened by the experience. In this respect, each visitor agrees to having verified their state of health before coming to the Park and to having reviewed the warnings, access conditions and security regulations in brochures and on websites as well as the information at each attraction or in guides, and having listened to Park employees’ instructions. The restrictions relating to health issues and safety concerns do not constitute discriminatory practices.


3.2. Morphology

For security reasons prescribed by slide manufacturers, certain restrictions regarding participants’ size and shape may limit access to some attractions. Please, take notice of these restrictions on all our attractions pages. Signs will be at the foot of every attraction to remind you of these regulations. Controls are made in order to ensure everyone safety.


3.3. Access for Pregnant Women and People with Disabilities

Pregnant women and people with permanent or temporary disabilities, as well as any person benefiting from the right of priority in queues, should be familiar with the risks, conditions, restrictions and terms of access regarding our attractions, either by stopping at our Visitors’ Centre or asking our operators at the Park, or reading the information on our website before their visit.


3.4. Photosensitive Visitors

The attractions and entertainment that use lighting effects may be problematic for photosensitive people and should therefore be avoided (like the slides: PSYCHEDELIK or RAINBOW RACE).


3.5. Closing and Delayed Opening

The Park, as well as certain shows, attractions, parades, restaurants, shops and establishments, are seasonal in nature and may be closed or delayed in opening for reasons of adverse weather (storm and/or wind and/or rain), safety conditions or repair works. Visitors are informed that certain venues may be closed with no prior notice; this shall not entitle any visitor to financial or other compensation.

When an attraction or the Park itself is closed to the public, it is forbidden to access this area. Management accepts no responsibility in the event of accident due to non-compliance with this regulation.

In order to ease traffic flow during the closing of our park, some of our attractions start closing around 6.30PM. In case of high flow, some of the attractions’ queues may be closed earlier (especially on our two artificial waves).



4.1. Hawking Goods and Distributing Flyers

Generally speaking, the sale of all goods and/or the provision of all services within the Park, as well as the distribution of tracts, flyers and other printed materials or posters, by visitors is strictly prohibited. The resale of Park admission tickets is prohibited.


4.2. Photographs, Recordings and Copies

Any image, video, recording or photograph taken by a visitor within the Park’s grounds may exclusively be used only for personal and non-commercial use unless Les Parcs du Sud grants explicit prior written authorisation.



5.1. Means of payment

Les Parcs du Sud does not accept payment by cheque.


5.2. Car park

Car parks are managed by the municipality. Please contact it directly for any information or claims.

For safety reasons, we recommend you to lock your vehicles and remove all valuables anytime your vehicle is left unattended. Les Parcs du Sud won’t be hold accountable of any theft or damages to your car.

For more information on how to prepare your visit, please see our ACCESSIBILITY PAGE.

For further information to prepare for your visit, please see our HEALTH AND SAFETY page.

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