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Le Château des Aventuriers

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WAVE ISLAND, children’s paradise with amusing and safe water attractions !

From their first thrilling sensations to the numerous laughters in our rides, you will share amazing and fun moments with your young toddlers in our water attractions !
WAVE ISLAND proposes 12 water activities, in which 8 are water slides, and allows children to experience their first experience in a water park.

Up until 5 years old, babies can enjoy Kids Island, a paddling pool specially designed for them and to ensure their safety. Protected of the sun, this is the perfect place to refresh themselves and to make them play little aquatic activities. Parasols and deckchairs allow parents to enjoy themselves around the pool and check on their children easily.

From 4 years old onwards, kids have the possility to ride one of our 8 water slides from le Château des Aventuriers. Parents can encourage them from afar. For a moment of laughter and fun, kids can throw themselves on the Ventr’Y Gliss and try to go as far as they can on its mat.

The Acro’ Zone is the new aerial and safe experience which allows children to challenge themselves on an acrobatic and fun journey.

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